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Speed Along the Production Process with FK Group’s Cloth Spreading Machine

A cloth spreading machine is an important element of the fabric production process, as it is used in one of the basic and most crucial procedures on which the final quality of the product rests.

The importance of a cloth spreading machine has increased manifold with the advent of technologically progressive elastic fabrics that deliver on their promise of quality but are difficult to sew and spread.

One of the leading names in the business of technological solutions and services for the fabric industry, FK Group leads the way in this segment of products too with its efficient, extremely precise and high quality spreading machines.

Cloth Spreading Machine by FK Group – Highlights and Features
A cloth spreading machine today forms an integral part of any cutting room.

These are primarily used for drafting tables or spreading fabrics of different textures and density, especially for stretching the tissues of different fabrics to different heights. The process is mainly used for production of linens and tablecloth.

However, its utility and constructiveness depend entirely on careful and right selection of machines, suitable to the demands of a particular cutting room.
One of the biggest advantages of the fabric spreading machines produced by FK Group is that these are designed to suit the requirements of cutting rooms across board.

The different models of cloth spreading machine by FK Group include spreading of tissue blowers, tissues would, tissues with needles, and woven conveyor.

These machines are equipped to spread a wide range of fabrics, from very delicate fabric material to thin materials with elasticity and thick fabrics such as denims.

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