CAD software for garment design

CAD Software For Garment Design

The digital age is seeing advances in many industries and the FK Group are developing products to bring high end technology to high end fashion.

Many top designers are using this technology and one of the foremost exponents is Francesco Scognamiglio who develops all his creations using cad software for garment design.

This Software is suitable for a great many industries including: clothing, technical textiles, car manufacture, furnishing, aerospace, and industrial clothing.

The FK Group has developed some of the most useful tools for increasing cost savings and productivity at the same time as enhancing connectivity with other user systems while ensuring a world class level of customer service through our end user service network.

The FK Group is renowned the world over for the high quality of its research and development and for its ability to offer complete design solutions to all aspects of the clothing business.

Obviously that means using cad software for garment design and with FK Group that is only part of the picture.

There are many other software and hardware solutions and this is combined with the latest technologies which are always evolving.

This includes plotting equipment, cutting room equipment and expertise with technical fabrics and composite materials.

All of these combine with the software to provide a great all round package. The FK Group is absolutely dedicated to the fashion industry, as well as a range of other industries that can use cad software for garment design.

The system are flexible and allow for performance design when there is a need to focus on costs and quality.

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