CAD software for clothing

Cad software for clothing

FK Group is proud that the technical aspects of clothes design can now be brought into the digital age.

With information technology and state of the art equipment it is now possible to assist design houses to make high fashion using high end technology.

CAD software for clothing can enhance the designers art, especially if it is married to digital cutting of fabric.

That allows for cost savings and highly accurate design and cutting to ensure that the designers gets exactly what they want.

This is a process that melds art to technology in a symbiotic way allowing the designer to create, safe in the knowledge that his creations can go as far as the their own imagination as an artist.

The process of CAD software for clothing whilst not new is now perfected and offered to the industry by the FK Group.

In harmony with its other creations of plotters, cutting room equipment and expertise in fabrics and composite materials, the designer can create just about anything.

Using their skill and FK Group’s expertise designers have created beautiful clothes and breathtaking designs.

To take one example, Francesco Scognamiglio uses this technology and his designs have been creating stunning style statements the world over.

Of course this technology isn’t just limited to high fashion either. For the design of complex outfits where safety is paramount and the materials difficult to work, CAD software for clothing is absolutely essential.

Many safety outfitters are realising the benefits in marrying our technologies to make safer clothing for everyone.

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