590 E-70 Spreading System

590 e 70 spreading system

Automatic spreading machine with unique design cradle feed, with manual operation through “twist and go” handle, and automatic operation with interactive digital control, for straight and reverse rolls. Spreading planning with steps. It’s provided with “tension free” spreading control for all fabric types from lycra to denim, from jersey to technical textiles by specific devices.

• Spreading speed with short acceleration and deceleration digitally adjustable;
• Automatic electronic control of fabric tension;
• Brushless main motors and service motors asynchronous type with variable speed;
• 4 wheel-drive machine;
• Cradle with alternate belts for rolls of Ø 50cm, up to 100cm as optional, and max weight 70kg.

More technical info:

• Cutting device with/without catcher and mobile catcher;
• Operator platform;
• Lay’s maximum height 18cm (14cm with zig-zag);
• Selvage alignment with infra-red technology;
• Automatic stop of end fabric;
• Partial and total lays counter per colour;
• Lay thickness measured with infra-red technology.

Technical data
Video demonstration
Working width (cm) 180 200 220 240
Overall dimensions L x W x H (cm) 142 x 320 x 120 142 x 340 x 120 142 x 360 x 120 142 x 380 x 120
Weight (Kg) 475 525 575 625
Installed Power (kW) 3 3 3,2 3,2
Average Consumption (kW) 1,8 1,8 2 2
Power supply Tension 400V±10%
Rolls maximum diameter (cm) 50
Rolls maximum weight (Kg) 70
Maximum spreading speed (mt/min) ~100

Narrower or wider working widths are available subject to technical approval. With the aim of improving its machinery FKgroup reserve the right to change the technical characteristics without prior notice.

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