New challenges in the automatic cutting of composite materials

Composite materials due to their intrinsic characteristics, such as resistance, moldability and lightness, are conquering many commercial sectors. Through versatile and flexible cutting machines, industrial production can effectively respond to the increase in market demand.

The industrial cutting of composite materials poses technical problems to which FKgroup responds with unique and patented solutions with a very high technological content. Our intent is to allow manufacturing companies to keep up with the revolution that composite materials are bringing to all production sectors.

This does not only concern large companies, those that were the first to use composites in areas such as aeronautics, defense or naval. Now Kevlar, glass fiber or carbon fiber composites are used in construction, renewable energy, tooling but also in sectors such as clothing and sports, as well as in the medical field in orthopedic products and components for operating theaters.

The strength of FKgroup is the ability to analyze customer’s work and suggest the best type of cutting machine for the composite materials it deals with. In fact, carbon fiber, prepreg materials, aramid fibers or glass matrix composites require machines with dedicated cutting characteristics and methods.

A wide range of blades with different materials and shapes

There are two cutting solutions for composite materials:
• Oscillating blade;
• Fixed blade (Drag Knife).

The fixed blade, which works by dragging, is essential for cutting composite materials such as pre-pregs..
The oscillating blade is used for cutting many types of fabrics.

FKgroup boasts a wide range of blades with different materials and shapes in order to meet customer’s different production needs.

Each FKgroup cutting machine can be equipped with both blades. But what greatly affects production times is the quick release plate, which allows you to quickly switch from one type of cut to another.
The machines are equipped with two plates, also of the same type, which can be easily replaced, thus drastically reducing cleaning times.

Composite materials require perfect temperature control in manufacturing processes. The cutting tables of FKgroup machines have a patented design, unique on the market. The surface is made up of micro needles that raise the material to be cut. The lay is not supported: this allows the blade to cut it completely. At the same time, the spacing makes possible a constant air flow that keeps it at the right temperature.
Numerous tests in the laboratory or in production at our customers have verified the validity of this system that allows companies to save resources and make cutting composites competitive and clean.


Composite materials are the future and the cutting machines dedicated to them must be consistent with the mission of reliability, energy saving and data driven work that is required of the industry. Precise requests that are the new standard for large companies as well as for medium or small businesses. FKgroup cutting machines have been designed to last over time, to be always up-to-date in a productive landscape that is constantly evolving.

When cutting composites, especially if they are glassy or pre-impregnated, the effectiveness of filtering is essential. All our cutting machines are certified and ensure the return of clean air. One of the characteristics of FKgroup is the attention to find solutions to reduce energy consumption. The double turbine suction system, certified by TÜV, guarantees an average consumption of only 4.9 kW/h.

FKgroup cutting machines are fitted with Fanuc or Siemens electronics, companies that boast presence and experience in the world of industrial automation. Excellence in components, construction entirely Made in Italy, but above all excellence in the quality of assistance, makes FKgroup a reliable technological partner already chosen by many companies also in the field of technical fabrics.

All our cutting machines are already designed for data collection. The log files record the parameters and leave companies free to process them for production control and scheduling.


FKgroup cutting machines to cut all composite materials such as: aramid fibers; Kevlar; carbon fiber; glass fiber; pre-preg (prepreg composites).


Technical contents by Sergio Gori (FKgroup CEO ) and Stefano Ratti (FKgroup Technical fabrics product manager).