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For over 60 years, the group has been focusing on analysis, planning and automation for the cutting room. From our headquarter in Dalmine, Bergamo, heart of textile production “Made in Italy“, to the extreme Asian continent and the distant South America, FKgroup has carried its brand name with the most eminent Italian and International brands in textile production in all its segments, from Fashion to Home Textile, from Automotive to Composites Fabrics.

FKgroup’s business philosophy is to change each environment into a new concept of production. A way of thinking the cutting room that FKgroup applies in care of the needs and in the best “tailor made” service.

FKgroup represents a choice of a good quality service from every point of view, through excessive care in the selection of components and solutions made with creativity, all with the highest attention to customers.

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Since 1961, the group has been a top reference in planning and automation in the cutting room, in Italy and throughout the World, wherever you are.

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History & Timeline

The group’s history began in 1961, when Flavio Cattini, founder of the company, develops and produces one of the first spreading machines in the world with electrical parts. After 10 years from its foundation, FKgroup becomes world leader in spreading machines with more than 1.000 units installed all over the Globe. Later emerges the idea of proposing prestigious solutions to discerning users, selected with the expert eye of someone who knows the secrets of this job. Thus begins a long journey with the passion for the finest quality.

With time, the craftsmanship of the origins blends with experience in high-level research & development, projecting FKgroup to be selected among the biggest names in the industry. So, FKgroup evolves, first with CAD Software and later with cutting machines, launching the company and FKgroup’s know-how worldwide. All this with the utmost fidelity to the founder’s original idea.


The imperious increase in sales generates the need for a further increase in production capacity in Italy. In September 2021, FK’s fourth plant comes into operation in Dalmine, with a new assembly and testing line for cutting machines.


The Covid-19 pandemic prompts FKgroup to create ‘Galeno’, a new line dedicated to medical non-woven fabric cutting for hospital uniforms and certified masks.


A special year for FKgroup, indeed. The company becomes a ‘PLC’ and its Modefinance-certified rating goes from ‘BBB’ to ‘A’. The internationalisation of the Group also continues with the entry of a minority shareholding in PGM System Inc, which provides its operating bases in Temple City (USA) and Shanghai (PRC).


FKgroup applies for the MEP energy protocol from TÜV and obtains an A+ GOLD result, with IDCL 100 at 5.9 kW and certified consumption up to 4 times lower than its competitors. The internationalisation of FKgroup begins with the opening of our headquarters in France. Thanks to the performance of the market, the support and demonstration location in Mulhouse is still active today.


FKgroup obtains ISO 9001-2015 certification from TÜV SUD and an excellent B1.1. public rating from Cerved Rating. The production hub in Osio Sotto (BG) is opened and the number of machines in production doubles.


The ‘Tecno’ cutting machine line for technical and automotive fabrics is designed. Twenty years after the ‘Biliardo’ model comes ‘Brutus’, created for static cutting of technical fabrics, such as carbon, Kevlar and fibreglass.


Due to the strong demand in the Asian markets, the production of the new ‘Top Cut 9’ for the automatic cutting of high-thickness knitwear begins and the ‘Super Jeans’ line of cutting and spreading machines is created.

Brutus cutting system


The new ‘Top Cut 6’ and ‘Top Cut 8’ machines are produced. They feature new ISO 5011-certified filters which work to filter out the finest dust particles and the ‘Eco Power’ systems which significantly reduce average consumption. In addition, the ‘Freccia’ automatic cutting machine for mattresses up to 2.5 cm is launched in collaboration with SIEMENS, and the new ‘590’ spreading machine goes into production as well.


New important investments allow for the development of a new CAD, the production of the ‘490 PLC’ spreading machine and of the ‘Top Cut 3’ automatic cutting machine. The ‘WOW’ software is also created.


Sergio Gori, managing director of FKgroup and co-founder of Investronica Italia joins FK arna and FK systema. FKgroup is born.


FlashPlot, the world’s fastest pen plotter, is launched.


A new line of spreading and cutting machines dedicated to the Home textile sector is created.


The futuristic ‘Unicont’ series of computerised spreaders is created. It’s capable of programming and processing all the data required for the spreading, such as colours, steps, defect management and performance.


The ‘Biliardo’ model cutting machine with fixed table is created. The ideal machine for small to medium production runs in small spaces.


Start of industrial-scale production of the conveyor fabric cutting machine model ‘TP-3002’, which is still used by numerous customers.


In just 10 years after its founding, FK arna becomes the world leader in the manufacture of spreading machines, reaching the milestone of 1,000 units installed worldwide.


The CAD revolution begins. This now allows for Windows to be used and to take advantage of the performance of ‘TexWin10’ and the SQL Server database in a few years.


Flavio Cattini founds FK arna srl and continues the design and production of spreading machines.


Flavio Cattini, president of FKgroup, designs and builds the first CARON electromechanical spreading machine in Carpi (MO). The project continues in Zingonia (BG), where the world’s first drafting machine with electronic components was made.

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