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FKgroup is an up-to-date industrial company, constantly oriented to new technologies and able to provide the entire productive cycle for Companies in Apparel, Technical Fabrics and Composites.
Flavio Cattini started his activity in our industry in 1961and in 1981 founded FK, in short time FKgroup became a world leader in spreading machines.
In 1987 FKgroup introduced the software applications and in 1991 the cutting systems.
In 2009 the most advanced PDM software has been developed and included in portfolio to manage the productive flows.

fkad software

Limitless possibilities of creation

FKgroup can offer a complete suite of software solutions, always evolving, in order to increase efficiency and productivity, timely responding to the market changes and the new needs and requests.
FKad Software is the ideal tool for the apparel, technical textiles and automotive sectors, simplifying the processes communication.

FKad Modell

New software for model creation

FKad Design

Draw, color and dress up your fashion

FKad Fitting

The ideal solution for the Made-to-Measure

FKad Place

The efficiency of automatic nesting

FKad WOM Plan

The trade-off between optimization and precision


The winning strategy in the management of production flows

FKad Import - Export

Dialogue with the world
Machines in the world
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Models and products

More than 55 years of history

FKgroup not only supplies machines, but it is the best Technological Partner, helping customers to solve any production problem. Able to install all over the world more than 3.000 Spreading machines, Cutting systems and CAD Software.
FKgroup can guarantee to customers a very high quality level after sales service. An expert and internal R&D can valuate customized projects, according to the single and unique requests; the well-organized and specialized manufacturing can produce and test all the equipment in a very short lead-time.
FKgroup counts on a selected and well-trained network of distributors, always close to the customers in case of need or urgencies.

1961 The founder Flavio Cattini develops and produces one of the first spreading machines in the world with electrical parts under the brand Caron in Carpi, Modena (Italy)
1969 CARON s.n.c. moves to to Zingonia, Bergamo (Italy) and builds the first spreading machine with electrical motors
1971 New low spreading machine built with a very innovative and ergonomic design extending no higher than 38cm
1981 F.K. Arna s.r.l. is born to continue with the production of advanced spreading machines
1982 Development of Unicont: an electronic revolution for programming and assembling lays
1987 In Dalmine (Bergamo), in the new plant, F.K. Systema s.r.l. is born, with the objective of solving the growing needs specific to garment design in the Apparel Industry: the first CAD is launched under the name of TEX in MS-DOS. The first pen plotter is built to draw markers for the cutting machines
1990 After 10 years from its foundation, F.K. Arna s.r.l becomes world leader in spreading machines with more than 1.000 units installed all over the Globe
1991 The first TP3002 cutting machine is produced. To date, some of the first units are still operative throughout the world
1995 Development of a new spreading machines range dedicated to the Home Textile industry
1998 New patented brushes for the cutting carpet.
Development of TexWinCAD 8, working on Microsoft Access Database
2001 Flavio Cattini is awarded the “Tecnica della Confezione International Award”, adding to a selected group of entrepreneurs having contributed to the development of the Industry Sector distinguishing himself in its own sphere of activity
2002 The first innovative static cutting and spreading machines named Biliardo are sold, ideal solution for medium-small productions and reduced spaces.
Development of TexWin10 based on SQL server
2007 Sergio Gori ,co- founder in 1984 of Investronica Italia, becomes co-owner a shareholder.
F.K. Arna s.r.l. and F.K. Systema s.r.l are fused under the brand FKgroup.
New huge investments, allows the creation of a new CAD, named Futura, with SQL Server Database.
New spreading machine type 490 PLC and new cutting machine type Top Cut 3cm and Top Cut 8cm
2009 Launch of the new Top Cut 6cm cutting machine and the new PDM software, based on the powerful WOM platform
2010 In cooperation with Siemens, the Top Cut line is improved with new anti-dust certified filters and low energy consumption vacuum systems
2011 Start the new cutting machines type Top Cut 2.5cm Freccia, spreading machine type 590 PLC and new CAD Software version 12.3
2012 New software tools Focalize , 3D and Cutplanner, based on WOM platform
2013 Expansion of R&D with the aim of achieving a new machine with turning table for face to face spreading napped in the same direction for fine and prestigious fabrics
2014 Introduction of Top Cut 9cm, cutting machine for high lays, and the new FKAD-64 bit multi-platform.
In addition, the new line, for cutting and spreading, Super Jeans dedicated to the big production of Denim
2015 Launch of the prototype Relaxing- Machine to relax and stabilize fabrics.
The static cutting line is improved with Brutus, perfect to cut Carbon fibre, Kevlar and glass fibre
2016 Doubling the turnovers and the strategic choice to produce everything in Italy, makes it necessary the opening of a new production facility in Osio Sotto (Bergamo).
Introduction of Tecno Freccia, specialized in the cutting of technical and composite fabrics
2017 Prototype of Reverse, entry-level conveyor cutting machine, and Super-Knit10 cm, machine dedicated to high knitted fabric productions
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